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When McKenzie Crawford learns that Ryan Bennet is coming home for the summer, she does what any logical girl with a broken heart would do. She relocates as far away as possible. There is no way that she is going to be in the same town as his crooked smile and deep brown eyes. Nope, not going to happen. Some things aren’t meant to last forever. In McKenzie’s case, some things aren’t even meant to begin, and it would be nice if her traitorous heart could get that memo. She needs a fresh start. She needs a chance for her conflicted heart to move on. She needs a Ryan free environment, to be surrounded by a new town and new people, and she is convinced that running from her problems is the best solution. Especially when that solution leads her straight to a hunky summer roommate that seems to be the answer to all her problems. What McKenzie really needs is an antidote, and a strong one at that, to leave it all behind and forget ever meeting Ryan Bennet. Out of sight out of mind, right? At least, that’s what McKenzie tells herself before learning that, try as you might, some people are simply unforgettable.

Blaire McDaniels shouldn’t be alive. She remembered being strapped into the electric chair, the feeling of the current surging through her body, death replacing life.

And yet, she had definitely just woken up on her own grave, seemingly alive and well. But that wasn’t the only thing that had changed. With a new power that literally allows her to rewrite history, Blaire must now travel through time to prevent crimes before they even happen. Protect the innocent and punish the guilty. And uncover the actual perpetrator of the crime she should have died for.

Follow along in the thrilling first novel in the Blaire McDaniels series as the broken woman attempts to solve the mystery of who murdered her husband and daughter by trying to get back to the right time, and she only gets one chance.

Vampires living in the City of Angels. Madison Rose, a street-smart twenty-something waitress would never have believed it–until a vampire thwarts a vicious attack against her by appearing in the nick of time and finishing off her assailant in one tasty bite.

Madison has been saved by the vampires–or has she? She learns that women have been going missing; their lifeless bodies turning up drained of blood. Now the murderer is after her. As the violence escalates, Madison, LAPD Detective Notchey, and a cadre of alluring and dangerous vampires search for the true killer–while Madison keeps a wary eye on the skittish and thirsty vampires.

In my world, dragon shifters rule. Dragon shifters are always royals. They’re always male. They’re always assholes.

An orphaned servant like me? Everyone assumes on first shift, I’ll turn into a squirrel. Instead, I grow wings. Breathe fire. Throw the world into chaos. No one wants a girl in the Royal Dragon Guard. So I’m disguised as a man and sent off to military training.

The Dragon Royals are not a welcoming bunch. These princely scions of the four ruling families have been training to fight the plague-crazed Scourge since they were toddlers. Every girl in the city dreams of winning the heart of one of the dragon nobles, but they only care about each other.

Jaik, the cold-hearted hero who never smiles and never falters. Arren, who kills without mercy and guards his friends fiercely. Lynx and Branick, the twin spymasters with deadly swords. Talisyn, with the beautiful cruel mouth and endless bravery.

By day, I’m Lucien Finn, the man they despise and the dragon shifter they have to fight alongside.

These royals are determined to make me fall, and the princes play dirty. Can I ignore the pull they have on my heart and kick them off their thrones?

Or will they break the maid… or kill the man? What will it do to us all when they finally discover the truth about who I truly am?

Who’s murdering vampires in Los Angeles and throwing the bodies into the Dedham’s pool? Each victim has been branded, a distinct mark that is the calling card of femme fatale vampire Ann Hayes. The contemptuous undead beauty declares her innocence, but can the vampires believe her? Has Ann returned to reclaim Doug Dedham, whom she once loved? Or is she being framed?

Complicating matters are Madison’s burgeoning feelings for both sexy vampire Colin Reddy and fellow “beater” detective Mike Notchey. The stakes have never been higher as Madison and the vampires race to solve the mystery and stop the killer.