Aion [i – on]
1. Life force or age. Ancient Greek.

At New Aion Audio, we aim to usher in a new age of audiobook production by offering authors a hands-on approach as we help bring their books to life.


What We Do

Studio Production. Are you a voice actor and want to add an extra oomph to your final product? Our talented producers can take on a project at any stage. From polishing audio to creating custom music for a project, we’ve got you covered.

Audiobook Production. We produce high quality audiobooks by allowing authors to be involved with the process every step of the way along with our expert team of narrators and producers. It’s your story, we just have the honor of telling it..

Talent Scouting. While we’re confident in the versatility of our narrators, we also understand each story has its’ own unique requirements. If one of our narrators isn’t the right fit, we’ll work to find the perfect match for the work.

A bibliophile and a music producer walk into a bar…

Technically, it was an igloo bar. New Aion Audio began as a pipe dream in a small town in Northern Minnesota. Our founders, Irene Schroer and Anthony Quinn, were both looking for a creative outlet and ways to pass the time in the gloomy Minnesota winters. With a mutual love of acting and ridiculously high standards, the early stages of the company quickly turned from a passion project to a new career for both of them. Early in 2021 they decided to take the leap and move to Irene’s hometown of Austin, Texas, where New Aion Audio became the company it is today. From a freezing makeshift studio in rural Minnesota to a full production team and professional set up, New Aion Audio continues to grow and expand its horizons.

Why Choose Us

In a day and age where time is precious and people are constantly glued to their phones, audiobooks help make reading accessible to a larger population. Plus they’re less likely to be added to that dreaded TBR pile. Still, with so many options out there, we understand how it may be difficult to find just the right people to tell your story.

What makes us stand out?

  • Talented, dynamic narrators
  • Author consultations to confirm their vision
  • Experienced multi-media producers
  • A wide range of prices for every budget
  • Quick turn around times that don’t sacrifice quality